Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring

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Hearts and Flowers Ring

This sweet ring shows two well-known symbols of love, the stylized heart and a flower in a daisy form.

The Heart

The heart shape symbol has a long and varied history. Some say it was developed from the image of a seed that was an important part of commerce in early Greek culture. Others maintain that it is a stylization of various parts of the human body, and this is why it has come to be a symbol for romantic love.

The heart as we know it was a common symbol throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, although its meaning symbolized a spectrum from courtly love to religious devotion.

As the meaning of heart shape developed throughout the centuries, it occurred in nature long before humans used it to symbolize love. The leaves of trees are often heart shaped, as in the Aspen or Fig Tree. Many buds of flowering plants take on this double lobed and pointed shape, and some of the blooms themselves have the exact shape of little hearts all in a row.

This graceful shape it is formed by Swans when they touch beaks, by Doves as they unfold their wings and rise into the air, and by delightful fruits such as strawberries, cherries and peaches. These seem like wonderful representations of sweetness and the feelings of love.

The Flower

The stylized daisy shape is familiar to all as a universal symbol for flowers. The daisy  as a specific flower is thought to represent purity and innocence in western cultures. The ancient Norse associated it with Freyja, the goddess of love. In their culture it represented passion and sensuality.

In Old English, the word "daisy" was derived from "day's eye", possibly because this flower opens at the beginning of each day and closes its petals in the evening. Daisies also represent the season of Spring.

The combination of Hearts and Flowers in this ring reminds us that Love takes many forms. The shape of each, taken from the natural world, reminds us of the beauty and delight meant to be enjoyed in the sweetest of emotional seasons.

The ring is is available in very limited quantities in the following color combinations:

Purple Hearts and Red Flowers

Purple Hearts and Blue Flowers

Red Hearts and Pink Flowers





Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring
Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring
Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring
Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring
Resin Hearts and Flowers Ring