Resin Pool of Color Ring, Square

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This sculptural ring features a large square opening filled with several colors of resin. The series was called Pool of Color because the resin is a thick layer over highly polished silver and creates a wonderful shimmer and glow. It is almost like gazing into a reflecting pool of water.

Each of the colors has its own unique meaning.

Light Green expresses growth, harmony, emotional fertility, creativity, and kindness. it restores energy, promotes growth, nurtures and rejuvenates us.

Violet, also known as purple, represents imagination, spirituality, sensitivity and mystery. It encourages self-expression, inspires our emotions, and combines wisdom with intuition.

The shank of this ring is solid in the back, while the shoulders of the ring and behind the color are both hollowed out so the ring stays facing upright.

The ring is 1/2 wide across the width of the top.

The ring is solid sterling silver with a resin inlay. Resin pieces are retired and no longer produced. Only these five available.

Resin Pool of Color Ring, Square
Resin Pool of Color Ring, Square