Thicket Ring

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A thicket is a dense growth of shrubs, bushes or small trees that can be found in woodlands and meadows all over the world. Traditionally a nesting place for birds, it also houses many small animals that seek its latticed shelter.

The interwoven branches growing together to form a screen create a place where there is enough openness and light for things to flourish, while maintaining a safe space for protection.

This ring symbolizes the ability to take care of one's Self, providing just the right mix of openness and boundaries. The thorns among the branches are for safety and representative of the way we sometimes feel "prickly" when opposition challenges us. Yet the open spaces allow room for change in our lives, and bring new energy while maintaining a firmly grounded stance.

Ring measures approximately 1/2" wide x 3/32" thick. Fully carved all the way around the band.

Available in whole and half sizes. Sizes over size 11 have additional charge