Gemstone Leaf Stacking Rings

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In these Gemstone Stacking Rings, three basic geometric shapes are combined with three different leaf patterns. Plant life on our planet takes a huge variety of shapes. Many cultures across time and from different locations around the world use plants to symbolize growth, creativity, prosperity, and happiness.

The three different leaf motifs used here create a rhythm for life, a pattern of creativity and liveliness accentuated with a brilliant gemstone to invigorate with energy. Three different shaped gemstones are used , each shape paired with a different pattern, and having it's own symbolic properties.

The three sides of a triangle create one of the most stable shapes in geometry. The number three has significant symbolic properties. It can represent the cycle of life, with birth, growth, and death. Along this line, in a form specifically related to women, three represents maiden, mother and crone.

Three is also important in terms of time, since it represents past, present and future. In philosophical terms, three can represent body, soul and spirit. In this sense, triangles remind us of the positive energy that can be created when we lift our spirits towards the sky.

Circles have no beginning or end, they are in constant motion around the perimeter. They can also seen as shapes of perfect rest and equanimity. The power of movement and stillness resides in one form.

The Circle also represents fullness and emptiness at the same time, showing additional duality in purpose. These several opposing concepts give the circle great strength.

The Square is another very stable and solid shape in geometry. As a flat shape, its four corners are used as a foundation in much of human symbolism. There are the four directions, the four seasons, and the four corners of the earth. This creates a grounding foundation and provides quiet energy.

As a dimensional solid, the square becomes a cube, which is a comforting shape, since it reminds us of the proportions of our homes, the interior spaces where we feel safe and secure.

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