Starlight Tree Pendant

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This double sided labradorite pendant can be worn either way, with the stone side facing out, or the carving side showing.

The teardrop shape of this deep blue stone accentuates the thin striations gracefully moving across its surface. The slanting blue light goes all the way through the stone to the reverse, suggesting a forest scene at night. The carving shows a graceful tree, with moon and star rising just above the hills in the distance.

The wirework around the edge is comprised of a graceful, hand woven double strand braid encircles the stone, with a small beaded row beneath it. This combination of textures reminds you of the intricacies of life, the interconnectedness of living things on our planet, and the ability to pause in any small moment, even as the next moment comes your way.

Wear this pendant in peace and harmony.

Stone measures 1 & 1/8" long by 5/8" wide by 1/4" thick, not including the jump ring bail where the chain goes through. 

Only one available!

Shown on the Mini Cable Chain.

** Please note chains are sold separately, and you can find a great selection in different styles and lengths here on the Chains Page. **

Starlight Tree Pendant
Starlight Tree Pendant
Starlight Tree Pendant