Sun Bright Heart Pendant

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The unusual tones of this Labradorite show brilliant, bright green with a turquoise blue glow down the middle. This color pattern invites the viewer into the center of the stone. The strong markings across the face of the stone speak to the vigor of these colors, whose energy is that of New Life.

On the reverse, this heart pendant shows a Key and the Gate which the Key may open. Both the Key and the Gate rise from a deep blue streak in the reverse of the stone, which doesn't appear on the front, only on the back.  This blue streak becomes lighter in tone as it phases into a green hue beneath the sun.

A Key is the physical tool which helps release a lock, while the Gate is the symbol of conscious Passage from one state, or way of being, to another. This is translated with the image of the curving path which winds its way around the Gate.

These metaphors support  gradual growth as you move through life, giving you time to hone your tools along the way. Sometimes this means a distinct event or location which requires immediate movement from one realm to another. At other times it can represent a meandering pace along your chosen path. In both cases the Sun symbol lights your way along your route, and gives illumination to important concepts along the way.

The paired scrolls on the Gate represent the endless cycle of traveling away from, and then returning to, significant points in personal developments.

These aspects of Inner Knowledge become more conscious and applicable as the experiences of our lives lead us further into wisdom and clarity. The winding Path which leads through the Gate reminds us that such internal direction is never linear, but flows back and forth as we move through life.

The Key is surmounted by three Flames, symbols of internal Fire and Energy. The heart shape under the flaming crown is made from two mirror image Scrolls, while the whole shaft of the key is patterned with alternating Scrolls, to emphasis the cycling movement of personal knowledge mentioned above. The tang of the Key has three tines, meant to reference the phases Being; Life, Death, and Rebirth. This cycle is something we all  must undergo again and again as we mature and grow. 

1 & 1/4“ tall by 1 & 1/4” wide by 1/4” thick. Length of pendant does not include the part that the chain goes through, known as the bail. Please see the image with the ruler for scale. Shown on the Oval Rolo chain.

** Please note chains are sold separately, and you can find a great selection in different styles and lengths here on the Chains Page. **

A note about Labradorite's colors: Every effort is made to capture the best color of the gem when the item is photographed for presentation. This depends largely on the angle of the light on the stone when the image is captured. Labradorite's inherent nature means that under the right conditions, the color flash will be intensely luminous and vibrant. On the other hand, when you view your new piece under some conditions, it could appear very dark, or with even with only minimal color. This visual reminder of life's changeable nature is part of Labradorite's allure. You can incorporate this idea along with the specific emotional symbolism built into each one-of-a-kind, handmade silver setting. Enjoy!

Sun Bright Heart Pendant
Sun Bright Heart Pendant
Sun Bright Heart Pendant
Sun Bright Heart Pendant