Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring ~ Checkerboard

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This style from the Geometric Stacking Rings, called Checkerboard, was one of the most popular styles of this series. These are the only two rings left of this particular design. The pattern is reminiscent of tile shapes, and designed to represent the ability to create order and regular progression in our lives.

The Checkerboard pattern is based on the Square, which is a very stable and solid shape in geometry. As a flat shape, its four corners are used as a foundation in much of human symbolism. There are the four directions, the four seasons, and the four corners of the earth. This creates a grounding foundation, and provides quiet energy.

As a dimensional solid, the square becomes a cube, which is a comforting shape, since it reminds us of the proportions of our homes, the interior spaces where we feel safe and secure.

Made in sterling silver, with natural gemstones. Square gems are always the most difficult to work with, since their sharp corners can break easily during the setting process. To keep the gem tightly in the silver setting, a small collar of metal is pushed down all the way around the stone to hold it in place.

The Citrine Checkerboard ring is a size 6.5.

The Blue Topaz Checkerboard ring is a size 8.5

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These are retired styles and not available in any other size or gemstone combinations.