Geometric Gemstone Stacking Ring ~ Eternal Circle

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This style from the Geometric Stacking Rings has a number of choices of sizes and gemstone variety. The pattern, called Eternal Circle, features a circle with a point in the center in a repeating sequence all the way around the band.

Not only does this pattern represent our ability to create order and regular progression in our lives, but it reminds us of the power of one of the most intriguing shapes in geometry.

Circles have no beginning or end, they are in constant motion around the perimeter At the same time they can also seen as shapes of perfect rest and equanimity.

These opposing concepts give the circle great strength. The power of movement and stillness resides in one form.

Another way to view this image, a circle with a dot in the center, is as a torus, a three dimensional circular ring of great energy. This is an endless shape with the space inside like an inner tube. When a fluid or gas curls in on itself inside the torus a vortex is formed, contained yet very powerful.

Made in sterling silver, with natural gemstones. Round shaped gems are more readily available in more different kinds of gem material since it is closest in shape to the natural gem crystal, and takes advantage of the most amount of material possible within the crystal.

To keep the gem tightly in the silver setting, a small collar of metal called a bezel  is pushed down all the way around the stone to hold it in place.

The size and color combinations are listed in the drop down menus. Some gemstones only have one size available.

The Amethyst Eternal Circle Ring is available in a size 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5.

The Blue Topaz Eternal Circle Ring is available in an 8.5.

The Citrine Eternal Circle Ring is available in a size 8.5.

The Garnet Eternal Circle Ring is available in a size 7.5 and 8.5.

The Green Agate Eternal Circle Ring is available in a size 6.5.

The Peridot Eternal Circle Ring is available in a size 5.5 and 7.5.

See our Gemstone Attributes page for more information on each gemstone.