Gemstone Stacking Ring ~ Greek Scroll

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This style from the Gemstone Stacking Rings has a number of choices of sizes and gemstone variety. The pattern, called Greek Scroll, features a double ended spiral in a repeating pattern all the way around the band.

The Greeks used a more angular version of this double ended scroll in  what was called Key Pattern. Here, the curvilinear lines remind us more of the circular spiraling designs often found on their pottery, especially the ones with a nautical theme. Being sailors, the Greeks were masters of oceanic art.

The Double Ended Spiral reminds us of motion, the turning inward towards the center in a circular path, and the meander outward from that center to the external world. In the repeating pattern, this concept is utilized over and over, which can represent the daily journey of internal and external interaction and thinking.

Made in sterling silver, with natural gemstones. Square gems are always the most difficult to work with, since their sharp corners can break easily during the setting process.  To keep the gem tightly in the silver setting, a small collar of metal called a bezel  is pushed down all the way around the stone to hold it in place.

See our Gemstone Attributes page for more information on each gemstone.

The size and color combinations are listed in the drop down menus. 

The Amethyst Greek Scroll Ring is available in a size 5. 

The Blue Topaz Greek Scroll Ring is available in an 8 and 9.

The Citrine Greek Scroll Ring is available in a size 5.

The Garnet Greek Scroll Ring is available in a size 6.5,  and 7.5.

The Iolite Greek Scroll Ring is available in a size 7.5, 8.5 and 9.

These are retired styles and not available in any other size or color combinations.