Gemstone Stacking Ring ~ Sunburst

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This style from the Gemstone Stacking Rings has a number of choices of sizes and gemstone variety. The pattern, called Sunburst, features tiny suns going all the way around the band.

The suns are meant to evoke the joyful feeling when basking in the sunshine. The energy of the Sun is a powerful force, which supports life on our planet by aiding in the growth process.

The small bright gemstones in this ring accentuate the narrow band, making it a perfect piece to wear as a dainty solo. The narrow width also makes it great to stack, since it doesn't take up much room and you can add a number of pieces for a wider look.

Made in sterling silver, with natural gemstones. 

The Amethyst Sunburst Ring is available in a size 9.

The Citrine Sunburst Ring is available in a size 5, 6.5, 8, and 8.5.

The Garnet Sunburst Ring is available in a size 7.5

The Iolite Sunburst Ring is available in a size 5.5.

The Peridot Sunburst Ring is available in a size and 7.

See our Gemstone Attributes page for more information on each gemstone.

The size and gemstone combinations are listed in the drop down menus. Some gemstones only have one size available.

These are retired styles and not available in any other size or gemstone combinations.