Courage Pendant - Freedom

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The imagery on this piece reminds us that we have the ability to change, if only we can let go of the patterns and habits that hold us back. Each side shows a hand, held open towards the sky. This release is an invitation to gently relinquish our fears. When we are able to let go, we find our Freedom, and inner Courage.

Butterflies have long been a symbol of Transformation, since their very life cycle literally changes their shape from one state to another. From a creature with many legs that lives solely on the earth, to a marvelous being of flight, the butterfly is able to create a completely new version of itself. Allow yourself permission to Release your former state, and move into freedom and grace.

Birds symbolize flight and long-range vision. Their ability to fly above the landscape and move effortlessly across all boundaries is unique among the beings with which we share this blue planet. They have incredible vision, able to see the tiniest details from far above. They are a reminder to see the wider picture, and be in tune with your surroundings as you rise above what is troubling you. Be free, like the birds, unhampered, unburdened.

The stars that accompany the birds in this design are a reminder of your own hidden potential burning bright within. Their bright light can mirror your own, and although you may never reach some of them, the effort you make to be your best possible Self will cause you to shine.

Available as a Pendant or Earrings.

Earrings not shown but are offered front and back, so will resemble picture of pendants, only with earwire instead of pendant bail.

For Bracelets, please visit the Oblong Courage Bracelets page.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/8 ths inch long by just over 3/8 ths inch wide. Carved on both sides in solid sterling silver. Chain sold separately.