Courage Pendant - Path

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The imagery on this piece is inspired by the landscape I travel to reach my home. Ponderosa Pines thrive in eastern Washington, and these trees create tall forests dense with old growth. As a counterpoint to these wooded areas, the rolling hills of the Palouse define its open spaces. Whether tilled into fields of wheat or left to lie fallow in patchy ground cover, these distinctive land forms bring ease and beauty to the wide, dry spaces of this unique part of the country.

In the Palouse, you can see for miles, except where the path may dip behind a hill. Under the big sky, it is easy to see it reappear in along the next rise, progressing out toward the horizon. The sun extends its brilliance into all but the deepest hollows, and the way before you is easy to follow.

In the pine forests, the height of the  trees and their abundant growth may make the path feel crowded. The dense branches and close quarters may seem to obscure the way forward. Although the trees themselves are comforting, they can shadow the sky, and closing off long-range vision.

Even if forward progress may seem obscure, the Path pulls you onward, and when the spaces between the trees open up, the vista glimpsed past their thick trunks provides a reminder that they are, in fact, creating shelter. You may not be able to see exactly where you are going, but you are safe while traveling.

No matter your location, the contrast between a clear journey and one less obvious is a universal experience. Remember you have the skills to move forward in any circumstance and that you have the wisdom to proceed thoughtfully.

Available as a Pendant or Earrings.

Earrings not shown but are offered front and back, so will resemble picture of pendants, only with earwire instead of pendant bail.

For Bracelets, please visit the Oblong Courage Bracelets page.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/8 ths inch long by just over 3/8 ths inch wide. Carved on both sides in solid sterling silver. Chain sold separately.