Courage Pendant - Flow

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Water is a literal expression of available energy, whose symbol could be a river. Whether it is a lively waterfall over a rocky edge, or a quiet eddy in midstream, water can reflect the Flow of our lives, moving rapidly under pressure, or drifting lazily downstream in calmer moments.

The rushing excitement of a waterfall is a powerful symbol of this element's most energetic phase. It seems as if our own joy in life is echoed in water's hypnotic journey from the sky to the ocean. In this pendant the active vitality is shown as burst of spray along the rocks and the dancing waves at the waterfall's base.

The continual flow of water from one height to another appears so abundant that it is possible to lose sight of the river's origin, which builds up slowly, one drop at a time.

The opposite side of this pendant is meant to remind us of this gentle process; the renewal of water as rain gathering in pools. It replenishes the source, beginning the cycle once again. Move with the Flow as it takes you, conserving the gathering drops. Flow can only happen when there are sufficient resources to allow volumes of water to move.

Wear this piece to be in tune with your own energy, available in all its forms; be it moving forward energetically, or taking time to meander. Recall the thoughtful attention needed to care for your resources so that you can Flow in whichever way suits your immediate need. Revel in your power; yet remember to refresh the quiet places in your soul.

Available as a Pendant or Earrings.

Earrings not shown but are offered front and back, so will resemble picture of pendants, only with earwire instead of pendant bail.

For Bracelets, please visit the Oblong Courage Bracelets page.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/8 ths inch long by just over 3/8 ths inch wide. Carved on both sides in solid sterling silver. Chain sold separately.