Courage Pendant - Stillness

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This pendant makes use of motion to illustrate Stillness. On one side there is there is a small dragonfly perched among the reeds. The quiet here is palpable, nothing stirs. Yet the water gently ripples, the wind softly moves the grasses and at any moment, the dragonfly will return to its aerial acrobatics. The design reflects the instant before the return to motion, to the ability we have to suspend time and be completely present.

On the other side of the pendant, there is a pool of water with a droplet splash in the center. Calm water is always disturbed, but when you slow the motion down to 100ths of a second, you can see the instant where the tip of the water crown breaks free before it falls back into the pool. This is the Still Point; the fraction of time, in the tiniest space, where there is a ~ pause ~ between action and stasis.

Despite the fleeting nature of this occurrence, it can serve as a reminder of our own ability to slow down time and marvel at the workings of life. However small or impermanent, we do have the capacity to dwell in the eternity of Stillness.

Use this pendant to remind you that Stillness abides within; you have the ability to move into that quiet space whenever you desire. You can let go of all the hurry and hustle of modern life, even if it seems urgent, and allow yourself a moment of peace.

Available as a Pendant or Earrings.

Earrings not shown but are offered front and back, so will resemble picture of pendants, only with earwire instead of pendant bail.

For Bracelets, please visit the Oblong Courage Bracelets page.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/8 ths inch long by just over 3/8 ths inch wide. Carved on both sides in solid sterling silver. Chain sold separately.